Bed Bugs Factors

Bed bugs are a major nuisance for homeowners throughout the world.

These parasitic insects will feed on nearby humans and create sores on the skin. If you have recently travelled, there is a chance that you picked up bed bugs. These insects often hitch a ride on people and enter homes.

One of the first things you might wonder is “how do you find bed bugs?” Finding bed bugs can be difficult because they are capable of hiding in unexpected areas, such as inside an alarm clock. However, fumigation will eliminate the pests.

Insecticides for bed bugs control

Al Jazeerah Pest Control services use only effective and eco-friendly insecticides which are approved by Dubai Municipality and Ministry of Climate Change & Environment. Such insecticides are applied after conducting a thorough inspection where bed bugs take refuge such as beds, cracks, curtains, mattresses, furniture etc.
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